The vision of Brat Productions is a world in which theatre shares a place in the common cultural consciousness alongside music, film, television and the internet; where theatre speaks to everyone.

Founded in 1996, Brat Productions is a theatre company that produces both contemporary material and re-envisioned classics, working with new artists, working in non-traditional venues, and working to keep ticket prices low. We have a ten-year track record as Philadelphia’s premier avant-garde theatre, and has become known for using unusual performance venues to enhance our original and noteworthy productions.

Brat Productions generates new theatre-goers by creating theatre that is unpredictable, courageous, and compelling. We value risk, innovation, and fostering the growth of artists in the greater Philadelphia region.

Bold. Rough. Affordable. Theatre.  BRAT

Since 1996: theatre that breaks the rules, theatre that tests conventions, theatre that rocks! Brat is committed to “thinking outside the proscenium” with performance pieces that are surprising and incendiary, entertaining and unsettling. We create new work and re-envisioned classics, collaborate with established and emerging artists, produce shows in non-traditional venues, and reach out to everyone by keeping ticket prices low.