Get Involved


Small theatre company (Brat Productions) seeks you (someone awesome) to help out with everything and anything. Plenty of work to be had, tasks ever-changing. Tasks may include but are not limited to administrative work, database management, office/mail maintenance. Some work general and mindnumbing, some work really exciting. Learning-friendly environment. Bonus: Knowledge of website maintenance and/or graphic design. Inexperience = fine. Reliability, curiosity, and general can-do attitude = must have.
Basically: You get to work with really cool people making really cool art. You tell us what interests you - marketing, development, finances, management. You get to actually do things (and with our help, get better at it). We get someone who will stick around for awhile and provide some much needed help.
Flexible scheduling, avg 8-10 hrs/wk. Seasonal term or longer.

To Apply:
Please send cover letter stating who you are, what you want to do, and why you want this position. Please attach a resume/CV/something that shows us that you can do things. Please email with the subject line Re: I Want to be a Brat