Brat RockPile Ticketing Clarification


Hey Brat fans!

We realize the ticketing situation is a little complicated for Brat RockPile.  We're sorry if you've found it confusing!  Here is our attempt to clarify a few things.

Brat RockPile is a double feature of rock and roll theatre consisting of Popsicle's Departure, 1989 and Eternal Glamnation

Tickets for Brat RockPile as the combination of BOTH Popsicle's Departure AND Glamnation are available through Live Arts-Fringe (at a $5 discount than buying tickets to the shows individually).  That means, you can buy tickets for Brat RockPile anywhere you can buy Fringe tickets -- on the Fringe website, at the Fringe box office, or the Fringe phone line (215.413.1318). 

That also means that any discounts advertised in the Fringe guide -- student, 25-and-under, artist rush, group rates, Fringe membership -- are applicable to those tickets.  We think that is a great price for TWO fantastic shows!  The catch: there are only a limited number of double feature tickets available.  So if you want to take advantage of the double feature discounts, buy your tickets SOON!  Like. Right. Now.

Tickets are also available individually.  So, say you can only fit one of the shows into your Fringe schedule (or you waited too long to buy the double feature tickets!), you can buy a ticket to EITHER Popsicle's Departure OR Glamnation, according to what fits your schedule and fancy.  These tickets are available through Underground Arts.  For these tickets, Fringe discounts do NOT apply.

For the clearest schedule we have of which tickets are available for which shows, please click here.  Just make sure you click on the right link, whether you want 'Brat RockPile' tickets, tickets to 'Popsicle's Departure,' or tickets to 'Eternal Glamnation.'

We hope that helps!  If you have any questions at all, please email us.  See you at the show!

Brat RockPile Schedule

Previews: September 7, 8, and 12

Performances: Opening Night is September 13, and then RockPile plays EVERY NIGHT of the Festival EXCEPT the 14th, 16th, and 18th

Popsicle's Departure, 1989 begins at 8pm
Eternal Glamnation begins at 9.30pm

September 14: Popsicle's Departure, 1989 ONLY 9.30pm

September 25 and 26 HAIR OF THE DOG SHOWS!
For those of you who need another fix of Fringe after the Festival, we have two special late night performances for you!

Popsicle's Departure, 1989 begins at 9.30pm
Eternal Glamnation begins at 11pm

Ticket Prices (individual/double)
Previews $12/$19
Weeknights $15/$25
Friday/Saturday Nights $20/$35